Debate is a dinamic and fun teaching methodology that engages students with the topic we are working in the classroom. It is a very broad approach to engaging with topics; it is a flexible and adaptive pedagogical tool that allows students to engage in content, while simultaneously developing their critical thinking, communication and collaboratioin skills. It is about finding the confiedence to clearly communicate ideas even when they are unpopular. It is about listening to and respecting others even when you disagree with them.


Súmate al Debate debate training empowers teachers from across the curriculum to use debating in their classrooms.

During the sessions teachers will work, in a dinamic and practical way, how to use debate as a teaching tool in the classroom. During the training sessions teachers will learn how to use:

a. debate as a teaching tool in primary classroom.

b. new thinking patterns in the classroom: Developing critical thinking skills in primary students.

c. different debate formats in the classroom and how to prepara students for detating.

d. develop a dialogic environment in the classroom.

The 16 hours teacher training program costs 150€ per person and can be subsidized by the Fundacion Tripartita.

Súmete al Debate can also deliver teacher training at your school or training centre. This is a bespoke offering, and can be tailored to fit your school’s specific outcomes. Prices start from 1.500€ for up to 10 teachers.

Súmate al Debate organizes a Christmas debate tournament on the 13th of December 2019  for 5th and 6th grade students in order to help teachers to bring debate into their classrooms.

The Christmas debate format consist of 6 speaches and 4 cross-examination periods organized in 22 minutes.

Debate Format

Participation fee is 20€ per student. To participate you just need to fill in the following form:


The Christmas Tournament will take place in the ESIC business and marketing school facilities. You can see the facilities by clicking in this link.

You can download the Christmas Tournament invitation letter

Christmas Tournament invitation letter

The Christmas Tournament schedule:

  • 15:30 ———– Teams reception
  • 15:45 ———– Draw of matches
  • 16:00 ———– First debate
  • 16:30 ———– surprise activity
  • 17:00 ———– Second debate
  • 17:30 ———– Snack time
  • 18:00 ———– Third debate
  • 18:30 ———– Winning teams’s announcement

Do you want to participate in the Christmas Debate Tournament?