The public speaking contest is the part of the #lasvocesdelmañana movement. Students express their opinion to the public about a topic chosen by the Fundación Educativa Actitva-t.

Students will show their skills in communication, language, acting and more during the contest. They will use creative, imaginative and persuasive discourses to share their critical vision about the topic chosen by la Fundación Educativa Activa-t. Students will have three minutes to express their opinion. The subject of his speech will be known in November 2020.


Winner International Speaking Competition 2019 (representing Spain, Ennio Campoli Patak)


The program begins February 2021 and finishes with the national competition in April 2021. Students receive training workshops from November to May, which include workshops hosted in their region and virtual workshops. In April, students participate in the public speaking contest portion of the program.

The pubic speaking contest is organized into the regional competition in March and April 2021 and continues with the national competition in May 2021. Students, armed with their speeches and the tools learned during the workshops, will have three minutes to communicate their opinion about the topic chosen by the Fundación Educativa Activa-t to the audience and the judges.

Regional contest: This first leg of the public speaking contest takes place in every Spanish region. Students will be organized into two categories based on their age group; 12 to 15 years old and 16 to 18 years old. During the event, students share their vision about the topic chosen by Fundacion Educativa Activa-t . The best #lavozdelmañana of the region from each category are chosen by a panel of judges. Those students will be given the opportunity to move on to the national contest.

National contest: the best #lasvocesdelmañana from each region and category come together to celebrate the national public speaking contest in May, 2021. The best #lavozdelmañana from the national competition will be invited to represent all of Spain in an international public speaking contest hosted in London.

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It is necessary to have adequate opportunities to use the foreign language in order to polish the language skills. The Fundacion Educativa Activa-t contest is the prime opportunity to practice and perfect oral presentation skills in a foreign language.

As many organizations increasingly go global in their operations, their recruit departments are hiring workers that are fluent in more than one language. Bilingualism can increase an applicant´s attractiveness relative to those with a similar education, but no second language. Even now, almost all schools are beginning to teach English from kindergarten to high school.

The public speaking contest is beneficial for teachers as well as students. Teachers can utilize the contest to stimulate student´s self-motivtion to improve their own english abilities. Students must engage in an english working environment in class: reading, investigating, organizing ideas, and working in teams all while speaking the english language in order to be sucessful in the competition. This contest gives teachers the tools needed in the classroom to help motivate students to begin speaking and practicing english in front of classmates on a regular basis.

To participate in the public speaking contest can help students to achieve their goal of improving their English language skills.

Public Speaking


Gaining confidence in public speaking is one of the goals of the #lasvocesdelmañana program. This skill will help students to feel more comfortable when speaking English. Those students who become proficient in a second language are able to not only to read and write, but also to converse in that language. Participation in the public speaking contest will help students achieve a solid base in public speaking and overcome barriers in learning to speak English.

Written communication


Fortunately, public speaking not only helps students to develop their oral skills, but their writing skills as well. Writing is a primary component of a solid speech. Students who participate in the contest will learn how to set-up a written argument and then deliver it in an engaging way from theory and hypothesis to argumentation and conclusion. Students will develop standards for written communication that will help them immensely as they master English.

Critical Thinking


Beginner english courses primarily focus on memorization of key nouns and formations of simple subject-verb agreement. More advanced classes require a higher level of thinking in order to read, write and understand the English language. To participate in a public speaking contest is to develop critical thinking skills. Students are given the opportunity to surpass their peers by gaining a more complete understanding of English and how to use it in various situations effectively.



The contest is a great opportunity for students to overcome the fear of speaking in a foreign language in front of an audience. The experience gained from this contest can help students boost self-esteem and confidence, share their views with others, improve critical thinking skills, and make new social connections among many other students. The benefits of participating in this contest are endless!


  • 1st option: In order to participate in the #lasvocesdelmañana program, wich includes the celebration of public speaking day in the center, you just have to fill in the application form, transfer 30 or 25 euros per student, depending on the number of students enrolled, and prepare a 3 minute speech about the topic chosen by the Fundación Educativa Activa-t (“A lie has speed, but truth has endurance”). Speakers can make a free interpretation of the topic. They cannot use power point or any similar tool in their presentation. Registration fee includes one full day public speaking workshop in their school and the option to participate in all of the webinars to help students develop their speaking skills and to prepare for the regional public speaking contest. The regional public speaking contest will be held in March or April, 2019.
  • 2nd option: To participate in the regional public speaking contest, in March or April 2019, without public speaking day, you must complete the registration form, send us a video with your speech and pay 15 euros per student. Each student will receive feedback with suggestions and areas for improvement on his speech.

The best #vozdelmañana from each region and category will participate in the national public speaking contest that will be held in May, 2019.


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Guidance for speakers

Speakers should never write a speech on a topic or subject area that they are not interested in. Enthusiasm is difficult to fabricate and without it speakers can’t hope to maximise their marks under Expression and Delivery.

The audience and the adjudicators do not necessarily have to be interested in the speaker’s topic to be persuaded by the speech. Speakers should try to make their speech more engaging by demonstrating the relevance of their arguments to the audience and the adjudicators

Some topics or subject areas are particularly obscure or otherwise unfamiliar and would require a significant amount of explanation to make the information accessible to the audience and the judges. Any background, contextual or technical information required should not take up more than a few sentences of the speech. If such information requires elaborate explanation, speakers should consider refining their topic.