Train for IDCV


Training sessions and practice debates will be offered to beginner teams only and will take place in the tournament´s venue. The costs of extra nights of accommodation depend on the chosen accommodation (4 star hotel/ 3 star hotel/ own accommodation)

The morning workshop will be an in depth explanation about how the WSDC format works and what kind of tricks you can use to not just understand, but really master this form debate. In the afternoon we will focus on argumentation. We will look at how to construct a convincing argument as well as how the rebut one. At then end of the the day you will be fully prepared to take part in the tournament. No prior experience is needed to take part in the training sessions. The workshops will be given by debaters who have debated at the highest international level. So the workshops will also be valuable for xperienced debaters.

Do you want to learn how World Championship judges adjudicate a debate? Do you want tips on how you can improve the stylistic and argumentative skills of your students? Then join our teachers track. We invited very experienced debaters to help out. They have have won many international awards and love sharing their knowledge. We will discuss the format, judge debates and do some exercises that you can directly use in your own class room as well!